Meet the Artist

Born to create

Tan-Yah was, born on the 18 October 1978, in a small town in South Africa, called Mussina.

Being the second out of 3 girls and uncertain what career will catapult her into her pre- destined destiny, she set her mind on Stage Theater. After being declined by her Father, saying there is no money in acting, she set her eyes towards becoming an accountant, like her mother.

However, this treasure’s path took a 180 degree perfect turn when waking up one morning, announcing she was going to study art!

Even though Tan-Yah never showed any interest in art, she chased the sudden burning desire in her heart and pursued studies at the Vaal University of Technology which was some of her most difficult years. Struggling through assignments and projects, battling through being creative with little background and prior experience in art. However, she kept momentum in the ongoing uphill, from valley moments in failing her second year to mountain top experiences, where she finally tasted victory when she was announced best fine art student in her final year.

I received the best advice from my drawing lecturer, Grace Celicca, who passed away in my final year of studies. She said to me

“You need more conviction in what you believe, if you believe it then they will believe it. Become more aggressive and question others, don’t just take everything you are told”.

I believe I still live my life like that, coming from a very strict upbringing and an era where children are seen and not heard made me very timid, I approached my art from that place of timidity. however that statement made me grow, and be the best student in my final year of studies.


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Meet the family

My Pillars 


The quiet one

Lulu Cat is our quiet cat. I learn a lot from her as she treasures all the little things in life. She loves sunshine, summers and treats. Occasionally asks for attention and as long as you give it she will take it.

Chris Jackson

Husband/ Encourager/ My biggest cheerleader

I’m so utterly grateful to this amazing man in my life. If it wasn’t for his support love and encouragement I probably would never have jumped into my heart to become a full time artist.


AKA Baby Cat

This little baby follows me wherever I go. He seeks attention when he wants to and no paintbrush in my hand will stop him from commanding my attention.


After completing her Fine Art degree at the Vaal University of Technology in 2000 she went on to work for the University as an interim art technician. 

Tan-Yah started her career as a graphic artist at a magazine company. She started out as a photo retouch artist and steadily moved her way up to a layout artist and head graphic designer over 3 magazines at the time.

In 2004 her career took a shift when she decided to teach art at a local college. Over a period of 4 years she tasted the success of her decision when she witnessed her students excel as some of the top 10 student, in the country.

During 2008 the structure of the institution made her feel constricted and caused her to make yet another turn in moving her art teaching to a private art school, teaching adults who had a desire to learn art as a hobby. As she continued her teaching career, she finally decided to open her own private art school in 2009, which she managed up to 2015. She also completed many commissioned pieces of artwork for customers over the yeas.

At the end of 2015 she decided to broaden her horizon and move to the United States where she is currently residing with her husband Chris Jackson and their two cats.

Tan-Yah is living her dream as a professional artist. She is also in full time ministry, teaching art on the side and has a desire to keep expanding her art career as an artist, exploring deeper avenues of both her own artistic soul and her relationship with ELOHIM.

Current Work

I’m experimenting with some new techniques and styles and developing my voice more and more. Head over to my Current Work page to check out my latest creations.